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Our site is designed for those who need the services related to supply logistics; such as, international freight forwarding, regional transportation, warehousing, local delivery services, insurance, and many others, as well as for those who provide these services.

Our objective is to build an information channel between the supplier and consumer of services, which will share the necessary information at the first stage of cooperation, and we hope, will advance to the mutually beneficial cooperation.

For companies—service providers, freight forwarders, PL operators, trucking companies, customs agents and others.

Companies spend a lot of effort to promote their services during the period of formation and entering a new market, and thereafter, to maintain and strengthen its position. Sales professionals work tirelessly, making calls, visits, presentations, as well as participating in exhibitions, seminars, media, and advertising production to promote all these efforts. For all of the above, money, efforts and time are utilized to get the attention of potential customers, receive requests for quotations, and then perhaps to win orders.

For you—we offer a solution to this issue. You register on the portal, choose your range of services and geography of their proposals, give detailed information about your company and gain entry into the portal database as a registered supplier.

Going ahead, in the future, you will receive all the relevant inquiries from potential customers, if their request for services coincides with your suggestions on the list, and geographical location.

Any company’s management always pushes its department of logistics to reduce costs, optimize performance, and minimize risks. All these indicators are largely dependent on not only the performance of the department of logistics, but also on how good the company contractors are. Usually logistics department gets many offers from suppliers, leading to holding meetings, organizing tenders, etc., and yet, there is no guarantee that the finally selected one meets the criteria for being the most optimal offer of services. In addition, it is quite challenging to say that the logistics department is able to monitor constantly the complete picture of the market of service companies.

We offer you an easy solution to these issues; you place on this website a request for quotation and get a number of pricing proposals from all interested companies who are on the database of the portal. You will need to select the most interesting of them and start working with contractors. You will be supplied all the necessary information to enable you to take the decision – information about customers, references (we currently work on a proper rating system for suppliers) and updated price proposal.

We share all the services in the following sections:

  1. International forwarding separated by mode of transport, without limiting it to a particular location. If we assume, for instance, that the company based in Europe, and want to transport from Asia to America; it is now a common practice for companies registered in the section have access to all requests for international transportation.
  2. Regional transportation is due to transportation within any one region. Why? Transportation within a particular region may have their own particular set of rules, such as the CIS which has uniform rules for railway expedition with its commodity nomenclature codes for stations, rolling stock, and the system for calculating rates.
  3. Local services such as customs brokerage and door-delivery or storage tied to a specific location. We consider that location is the most important factor.
  4. Services related to logistics, such as insurance, guard, supply of equipment, consulting, and others.

For service providers there are no restrictions in the choice of the number of specializations. The only important thing is that the provider company has to determine the main specialization.

Our main service is to provide a resource for information exchange between a potential customer and supplier. This placement price of requests for service performer. Application for a price offer online is available in e-forms, and will depend on the conditions sent to potential contractors.

We are currently working hard to support our site, trying to make it convenient and useful for both customers and artists to provide the following services:

  • background information and industry news, as well as templates of contracts, invoices, bills, etc.;
  • rating system of contractors as a hint for customers;
  • development of personal accounts for easy future communication.;
  • reports on the processing of customer applications including reports like tracking report, and stock report;
  • help desk – consultancy on transport and logistics issues from leading experts;
  • multilingual versions of the site;
  • expeditor/providers for limited insurance coverage;

Applications for Windows, Android and iOS. This move will simplify the use of all the functionalities of the resource.

For potential customers who want to place a request on the site - the service is free.

For providers, we offer a certain trial period of free use of resources, which in future will attract a monthly fee.

We plan to fix it within a range of US 10 dollars per month (+VAT) for full access to all resource services for use of the resource two weeks after the free trial offer. Payment through a Yandex-money system or an alternative manner as convenient way for you.

The purpose of the site is to facilitate the movement of business of our customers as much as possible; therefore, we are constantly expanding the functionality of the resource, to promote it on the internet to new regions, and approaching new customers.The challenge is to make our website as popular as possible for the all parties involved in SCM business, and to provide our subscribers with the maximum benefits.

We attach great importance to the privacy of our users. The user decides what information to make available about their company. Queries prepared by clients are sent to users directly, and answers to queries sent by contractors directly to customers via e-mail or via personal account. We are independent operators of this resource is not affiliated structures, and absolutely guarantee no leakage of confidential information at work on our site.

How it work

To place request for quotation

  1. Follow Request for quote link.
  2. Select your category,for example, freightforwarding .
  3. Name your request (for example route,or name of service your need).
  4. Fill the fields with, departue and destination points, mode of transport, estimated dates of departue,e type of package, description of the cargo etc.
  5. For rail transportation by the CIS rail system, we built in caro classificator for cargoes (ETSNG) and stations (rail station codes).
  6. Description fields to the cargo and comments to the inquiry should be used to provide additional information about the cargo, the terms of transportation, for example, tender conditions, terms, special contract conditions, other wishes.
  7. We also envisaged the possibility to attach the necessary documentation to the request. This could be photographs, drawings, cargo schemes, necessary tender documentation, etc.
  8. Next, you need to provide your contact details with the name of the customer, the telephone number for communication and the email address.
  9. Further your request will be automatically sent to those companies that have specified, for example, freight forwarding as a type of provided services. (In the future, as our vendors base grows and the number of requests grows, we plan to install additional filters for requests).
  10. Further interaction between the vendor and the customer is going on directly.

To register as vendor

  1. Follow the link "Become vendor".
  2. Register an email address, login and password.
  3. Link, for activation will be send to you on the e-mail address after you click this link, you activate your page.
  4. Following the suggested step-by-step instructions, you fill out your profile with information about your company, selection of the range of services you provide, contact details, you can leave a description of the company, attach important documents, for example, recommendations, advertising material, certificates, etc. All this is designed to simplify your further Interaction with a potential customer.
  5. In the future you will receive inquiries according to the list of services you have chosen to the e-mail address you specified when registering.
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